• Convergers for Thermoformers

    Designed specifically for Thermoforming applications to interface with all brands of packaging machines.

  • Pack Stacking for end of line

    To improve the efficiency and save labour at the end of a packing line.

  • Our People

    Our biggest asset and one of our key USPs

  • Aftersales service and spares

    Standard modular machine range, standard parts next day….not standard service!

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Our Company

Converging solutions aim to become the first choice supplier of converging and end of line stacking solutions throughout the packaging industry. We develop repeat business by delivering the right machines on time and giving excellent after sales support.

All the equipment manufactured is capable of meeting both high end and low end speeds of modern production lines. All machines are constructed from modules, which allows us to produce machines that are simple to maintain and offer all spares and maintenance support. High levels of hygiene are also an essential part of our product range.